New Project ‘Drone Strike’ for Andrew

According to Andrew’s Agent, he’s got some new projects in the works.

The first is a short film titled ‘Drone Strike’ from Scout Films, Directed by Chris Richmond, Produced by Mike Sedgwick.

Still early days on this but here’s the synopsis:

Will Brydon is a devoted family man and accomplished RAF pilot who flies drones over Afghanistan from an airbase in Lincolnshire. When not supporting his comrades in Helmand, by targeting fanatical insurgent with surgical precision, Will gets to spend time with his wife and two kids.

Koshan is also a father of two, scratching out a living as a delivery driver in wartorn Helmand province, Afghanistan. Koshan spends his timekeeping his head down and dong whatever it takes to stay afloat.

Today, like most weekdays, Will drops his son off at school – but then things start to deteriorate, rapidly… Will is informed of a delegation of NATO dignitaries in Helmand, placing all drone squadrons on high alert. Stuck with trigger-happy, unreliable partner whom he despises, today’s events ultimately lead to Will killing Koshan, an innocent man.

Andrew will be playing Sgt. Craig.

Filming will take place in Morocco (whichwill double as Afghanistan) and the UK. Looks like casting is complete and they’ll begin production on this soon.

If you’d like to follow the progress on this movie, check Mike and Chris out on facebook¬†or twitter

With thanks to Erin for the find and Tracy for the heads up. :)