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PJ January 20th, 2017

Pottsy has several new projects in the works. If you follow him on twitter, you know that he’s about to launch another webseries and there will be more information very soon on that so stay tuned.

He’s also got several other projects coming along as well.
House of Salem -A group of kidnappers become a child’s unlikely protectors, after finding out they have unwittingly been set up to take part in a deadly game of human sacrifice. As they start to uncover the truth of the safe house they find themselves trapped, they must battle demonic forces in the walls and uncover the terrifying truth of over a hundred years of murder in the name of the Devil. House of Salem now has a new poster as well and will be one of the films featured at FrightFest London:


Host(now in Post-Production/coming 2017): Set in Notting Hill/Portobello Road about a young trendy couple. He’s a fashion photographer,  and Christine Marzano is a famous actress who rent their home out while they’re away on holiday and when they return it seems their ‘guests’ still haven’t left.


Finally, Chimera. Another psychological thriller like Host. This time when a violent patient escapes their room and causes upheaval by letting loose other asylum members, Eve (Nadia Lamin) The Warden tries to find safety for the wounded Dr Barnes (Pottsy) along with Jackie a Nurse, Jean a Visitor and Marcus (Marc Zammit) the Security Guard. But what they come to realise is, you can’t drown your demons if they know how to swim.


For the latest information on these projects, please visit the highlighted links above.

PJ February 21st, 2016

Andrew and Max (with special guest Sooki). Please donate if you can to help get the back half of S1 Wireless made.


PJ April 22nd, 2015

_ro5_zYa 11148845_897068100337008_5531647917308834100_n CDMgIP8WIAE4VR3Primeval star Andrew Lee Potts is coming to MCM London Comic Con to promote his new web series Wireless. Andrew will be meeting fans at Vidfest, a celebration of all things online video, together with series co-creator Alex Moss and some of the Wireless cast.



PJ July 4th, 2014

Tony’s back in town and it looks like he and Andrew made the most of it with this latest vlog from Keychain Productions.



PJ June 1st, 2014

Andrew and the lads are at it again. Take a look at Vlog #11.

Would be great if you could donate to help get Wireless made.




PJ March 24th, 2014

Looks like Pottsy keeps coming up with clever ways to fundraise for his webseries WIRELESS.
“Hi u lovely lot! So with WIRELESS about to be shot, someone has given me a cool idea. I know u guys like seeing behind the scenes pics. So FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! For every £10 donated …for WIRELESS to www.keychainproductions.co.uk
I will post 2 never seen before pic’s from many of my different jobs over the past 20 years, including ones with actors such as michael fassbender, sienna miller, carey mulligan, Gary oldman and many more. The more donations we get the more pics u will see. Remember, this is a one week only deal… Starting Now! (Thank you for all ur support and hope u like the pics) To get us started, here are some cheeky By Any Means Shots for free. pottsy x” (via Pottsy on Facebook)


PJ March 24th, 2014

Andrew has been very busy of late raising funds for his Keychain Productions webseries WIRELESS. First, it was the compass he used in Series 1 & 2 of Primeval. It went for the tidy sum of £450.00. Now, he’s got several of the shirts he wore in the show up for auction. s wardrobe from the show. Bid now before they’re gone!

Series 2 Shirt                                                                    Series 4&5 Shirts


PJ January 23rd, 2014

Keychain Productions is currently working on a new project called ‘Wireless’. According to Andrew on twitter, he’ll be playing  a character named Jacob Crow. If you would like to help get ‘Wireless’ made, please donate at the Keychain Productions website.

Teaser Trailer



Promo pic

Andrew Lee Potts (andrewleepotts) on Twitter - Google Chrome

PJ December 26th, 2013

It’s Boxing Day in the UK, that must mean a brand new Keychain Productions vlog. We’ve also added 75 screencaps from the vlog to our photo gallery for your pleasure. ;)

Hope you enjoy.


PJ December 1st, 2013

From Andrew:

Calling all little links, we need u! So as KeychainBER is coming up please Facebook or tweet keychain photos, artwork, fan vids, reviews of our work or just how u feel about Keychain Productions and I will tweet RT Share them all in the month of KeychainBER. let’s get as many more little links in the chain as we can before New Year (u won’t be disappointed;)
Pottsy xx


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