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PJ November 18th, 2012

Tom Hobert (The American Embassy:Driven) 2002

Only managing 6 episodes total, The American Embassy told the story of Emma Brody(Arija Bareikis) who takes a job at the American Embassy in London to get away from her dysfunctional life in the US. The show was cancelled by the Fox network after the third episode, with the fourth episode being the last one broadcast. Andrew appears in the 3rd episode of the series as the son of one of the diplomats stationed at the embassy. Tom gets into a bit of trouble when he can’t pay his debt after losing at poker and Emma helps him pay off his debt and get back on the straight and narrow. Andrew pulls out his American accent again for this and no matter how many times I hear it, it never sounds as good to me as his natural Bradford one.  He’s playing yet another “I’m really a good guy, just had a bit of bad luck and that’s the reason I’m acting this way” roles, which seemed to be his stock and trade for a number of years.

Screencaps from his episode have now been added to the gallery. Enjoy!


PJ November 17th, 2012

Over 100 screencaps have been added to the picture gallery for Absolute Power: Mr. Fox.

In a TV adaptation of the British radio series, Absolute Power centres around the workings of Prentiss McCabe, a PR agency whose offices play host to a succession of minor celebrities, politicians and high-up businessmen who all need photo-shoots arranging and soundbites composing. Ethics are not a priority; the firm’s staff will lie, cheat and possibly steal as long as it makes their clients look good. First aired in 2003, Andrew plays a bad-boy pop star named Jimmy Bart in the episode titled Mr. Fox. He’s promised his new record company that he’s clean of drugs and it’s up to the PR firm, specifically Alison (Zoe Telford, most recently seen in Sherlock), to make sure he stays that way. The way it all plays out is quite hilarious. With a little insight into a character Andrew will play two years later, Lee Trafford of Silicone Valets fame, we get to see him playing his drug addled best. Now if we could just get Jimmy’s band Pleistocene Donkey to tour with Silicone Valets…that would be epic!

PJ November 15th, 2012

The final performances of Dracula at the Leicester Theatre will be this weekend 18 & 19 November.  If you haven’t been to see Andrew as Harker in this play you’re missing out. The theatre is small and the play is absolutely fantastic. You’re right up close to all the action.  Click the Leicester link to book your tickets now before it’s gone!

PJ November 9th, 2012

Be sure to stop by the gallery and take a look at young Andrew in S1 E1 of Sunburn.

First set in Cyprus then Algarve, Sunburn followed the lives of holiday reps. Appearing in the first episode of the first series, Andrew’s character Darren is introduced as one of the guests on holiday. As the story progresses, however, we learn that all is not what it seems with Darren (isn’t that always the case with the characters Andrew plays?). Andrew was 19 when this came out but he plays a very convincing 16 in the show. Funny thing is when he introduces himself, he says he’s 19 but the rep doesn’t buy it.

PJ November 9th, 2012

Andrew and Tony Denman attended the Virgin Media Shorts awards tonight to find out if Little Larry won the ‘People’s Choice’ award.

Unfortunately, they didn’t win but we’re so happy the short got the recognition it has. Little Larry as many of you know is the final chapter in the Little Lily story.  More photos can be seen on our facebook page

PJ November 5th, 2012

over 300 screencaps from A Passionate Woman have been added to the gallery.

PJ October 31st, 2012

Behind the scenes pictures from Syfy’s Alice (2009) have been added to the gallery.

PJ October 31st, 2012


The few scenes Andrew was in for 1408 have been added to the gallery, along with some posters from the movie.


PJ October 31st, 2012


With permission from PJ Harling and Kettlefish Productions we are happy to bring you HQ pics from ‘The Morning After’ along with some screenshots from the short film.  ‘The Morning After’ is still available for purchase  http://www.morningafterfilm.co.uk/home.html


PJ October 29th, 2012

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